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Brand: Coal and Canary SKU: 1019782

Scent: Wildflowers & Spring Showers
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Wildflowers & Spring Showers

Wildflowers & Spring Showers is one of our NEWEST additions to our Spring Fling Collection! Inspired by the morning after spring rain, Wildflowers & Spring Showers smells just like the flowers in your garden that you totally grew on purpose ;)

This candle is 8 oz and burns approx. 50 hours.

Crop Tops & Rain Drops

Inspired by rocking our fave spring wardrobe staple while dancing in the rain. This candle features notes of fresh spring rain. Now in BRAND NEW beautiful packaging!

This candle is 8 oz and burns approx. 50 hours.

Coal and Canary

Coal and Canary creates hand-poured luxury wood wick candles for every occasion – and for everyday. Our candles are made only with the highest quality vegan soy and vegetable wax blend and true to scent fragrance oils. All of our candles feature a cozy, crackling wooden wick.  Each candle is hand poured with the highest attention to detail and lovingly housed in a beautiful re-usable glass vessel featuring our logo.

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