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Stone City Coffee Roasters' Gift Set contains 2 - 100g bags - including the Merry Christmas blend and the Berkeley blend in ground form. Packaged in a gift box and tied with a bow.

Merry Christmas Blend: 

Celebrate the Christmas Season with this joy-filled Stone City seasonal coffee. I can see the Christmas lights twinkling, sleigh bells jingling and soft carols playing as you brew this Christmas coffee. The subtle tasting notes are natural flavours of cocoa and sweet maple found in this premium 100% Arabica coffee. This delightful Christmas coffee is a post-roast blend of dark, medium, and light roast coffees, which will be a favourite for your Christmas season! After a walk in the crisp winter air and the snow gently falling, this coffee will be the perfect treat to enjoy by your cozy fireplace.

Berkeley Blend: This medium roast African/American mixed, Arabica bean coffee will make every morning better. It has a subtle notes of fruit, brown sugar, and almond. It is smooth and has a complex taste. This blend is a crowd pleaser every time! This is our top favorite of all our coffee!

About Stone City Coffee Roasters:

At Stone City Coffee Roasters, we are a family team roasting coffee with the help of our two boys. We grew up in southeastern Manitoba, where we were taught the value of hard work, honesty, and integrity. We are blessed to be raising our boys in the southeast as well. Our family does our best to bring you the best! With that in mind, we only source the finest high-grown Arabica coffee sourced from around the world. Each handcrafted small batch is what makes our relationship with our coffee unique. Our method ensures the beans are roasted to perfection, which inevitably results in an exquisitely smooth cup of coffee every time.

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