Dock & Bay Cooling Towel

Brand: Dock & Bay SKU: 1022161

Color: Space Odyssey
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Need to beat the heat? Stay ice cold for up to six hours while you feel the burn at the gym, on a run or during a heatwave with a cooling towel. Compact, lightweight towels that easily fit in your bag, meaning more space for other things.

What makes cooling towels so cool?

  • Dual-layered cooling technology with added Jadestone
  • Long-lasting - Keeps you cool for up to six hours
  • Easy to use - Just wet, squeeze, snap and cool
  • Lightweight - Won’t interfere with exercise
  • Compact - Fits in your gym bag or backpack
  • Planet-kind - Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • 100% Polyester cooling yarn
  • Certified B Corp - that means they’re better!

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