Go Travel Amazing Cool Down Towel

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The ultimate solution to beat the heat and stay refreshed in hot and sticky weather! This unique towel is made from a specially designed chilling fabric that provides an instant cooling sensation when wet, offering you immediate relief and comfort. Worn like a scarf, whether you're enjoying the outdoor activities, engaging in sports or simply trying to beat the heat during warm weather, the Amazing Cool Down Towel is your perfect companion. The towel is washable at 30 degrees and comes in a convenient silicone carry case with carabiner clip, making it easy to carry and store when you're on the go.

• Amazing cool down towel - Unique chilling fabric, refreshingly cool when wet

• Worn as a scarf, instant relief in hot, sticky weather

• Includes Silicone Carry Case with karabiner

• Size (H x W) 90 x 30cm | 35 x 12”

Care instructions: Do not bleach, Do not dry clean, Do not iron, Do not tumble dry, Wash at 30º

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