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Tin for the Bin - Winnipeg

Thank you for your support! CAA will soon deliver all donations to Winnipeg Harvest.

Each month, Winnipeg Harvest shares food with nearly 64,000 people in Manitoba!

Need help?

For food assistance, please:
Phone: 204-982-3660

Who is eligible for food assistance?

We help anyone who asks us for food. We share what we have. We simply require that you provide a Manitoba medical number to receive food assistance.

How to get food from Winnipeg Harvest:

  • If you need food, you can get it in your neighborhood through Winnipeg Harvest.
  • Winnipeg Harvest assists everyone to access food as soon as possible as close to home as possible.
  • Phone Winnipeg Harvest to make an appointment to pick up food from one of our associated food banks. If you live outside Winnipeg, you’ll be directed to an outlet in your community.
  • You’ll talk with a Winnipeg Harvest volunteer. He or she will ask you for information such as the number of children in your household and your source of income (not the amount).


For more information, visit:

Looking for a way to give back to your community this holiday season?

Whether it's filling orders, front line help or delivering food – Winnipeg Harvest is always looking for volunteers.
Visit to learn more about volunteering with Winnipeg Harvest.

At Winnipeg Harvest – every Loonie counts!

If you wish to make a monetary donation – visit