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Beekman 1802 Shampoo Bar


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Pure Goat Milk: Pure and fresh as country life, this fragrance-free, hand-cut bar offers a satisfying sudsy cleanse. Our goat milk and coconut oil formula is rich in nutrients, adding lustre and shine to your hair. 

Honey & Orange Blossom: Your hair will feel good and your conscience will feel great knowing you ditched a single-use plastic bottle for this bar. Our goat-milk infused shampoo is packed with enriching shea butter to condition tired hair, and is topped off with notes of honey to give your hair an illuminating lustre. 

Honeyed Grapefruit: Feel good about both your hair impact and your environmental impact when you use this bar instead of a single-use plastic bottle. Goat milk and almond oil are rich in nutrients, adding luster and shine, while shea butter makes hair feel silky soft. Touches of red grapefruit and guava leave behind an alluring scent.

Shampoo comes in a 3.5 oz bar.  

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