Coal and Canary Candles - Canadiana Collection - Damaged Box

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Brand: Coal and Canary SKU: 1020541

Style: Moonlit Scenic Snowshoe
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*Damaged Box - marked down accordingly. See photos attached. Candle itself in perfect condition.

Moonlit Scenic Snowshoe

Moonlit Scenic Snowshoe is an evocative scent that captures the enchantment of a moonlit snowshoe adventure through the Canadian wilderness. This captivating candle weaves together the rustic essence of cedar, reminiscent of the towering trees that line the snow-covered trails. The crisp aroma of freshly fallen snow takes you to a serene winter wonderland, while the subtle down musk adds a soft and comforting touch. As you continue your journey, the hint of worn leather lingers, evoking memories of sturdy snowshoes guiding you on your moonlit trek. Immerse yourself in the magic of a snowy Canadian evening with this beautiful fragrance that brings the spirit of the Canadian wilderness right into your home.

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