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GORP World - Hazelnut Coffee Crunch Protein Balls


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Hazelnut Coffee Crunch Protein Balls might be our best recipe yet! Creamy peanut butter and oat base, packed with plant-based protein, chopped hazelnuts and spiked with some ground coffee for a nice hit of GET UP & GO!

7-8 - 25 gram balls per jar!  
Our Protein Balls can be kept safely in the pantry but lasts longer in the fridge!

Ingredients: Peanut butter, oats, honey, brown rice syrup, sprouted brown rice protein powder, chocolate chips, hazelnuts, coconut, ground coffee, cocoa, sunflower seeds, brown rice crisps, peanut extract.

Nutrition Facts: (per 25g ball) Calories 109, fat 5g, cholesterol 2.5mg, sodium 40mg, carbohydrates 12g, fiber 2g, sugar 5g, protein 4g.

GORP World products are proudly made in Niverville, Manitoba on Colleen and Grant Dyck's family farm. GORP is about loving life and nourishing our bodies so we can jump, fight, twirl, bike, paddle, run, climb, and roar our way into the next adventure!