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Lewis N. Clark Travel Green Luggage Tag


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In addition to helping you identify your luggage with distinctive patterns and colors, Travel Green luggage tags are constructed of environmentally-friendly TPU material so you can feel good about leaving behind less of a footprint as you travel around the world. 

Free of chemicals like phthalates, the sturdy TPU and screw-lock cable will weather your many adventures, whether you're traveling through the airport, going on a cruise, or backpacking. 

Another benefit is that the mesh back will not allow others passing by to easily see personal information like your name and address. 

This luggage tag is ideal for individuals who travel often and need something rugged, and for those who want to support environmentally-friendly products. 

• Constructed of environmentally-friendly TPU
• Phthalate-free and recyclable
• Braided stainless steel screw-lock cable
• Mesh back prevents passerby from seeing personal information
• 2.5in x 2.25in