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Non-Medical PacSafe Silver Ion Face Mask - ONLINE ONLY


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The Pacsafe Silver Ion mask is a reusable and washable mask that provides reliable respiratory protection of at least 99% filtration efficiency against microbes and airborne particles.

It is constructed with 5 different filter layers; each layer serves a specific function and ensures that the mask’s performance can be retained after washing.

These functions include directly inactivating microorganisms through antimicrobial materials, and electrostatically adsorbing microorganisms and particles to protect users. 3D contour fit to any face shape, as well as effectively filtrate airborne particles.

Adjustable elastic clips ensure a secure fit. Maximizing the protection of its user, the mask’s top layer is made from silver ions fabric, which has been constructed using pure silver-plated and cotton wool yarn.

The next-to-skin layer is made of ultra-soft Modal fabric, and Graphene, which have antimicrobial, deodorizing, and moisture absorption functions. These materials ensure the user’s comfort and protection.

Furthermore, this mask has been certified to have over 98% filtration efficiency even after 20 washes.

•    Silver ion antimicrobial technology
•    Antimicrobial lifetime:  Doesn’t wash away
•    Washable
•    Built-in high charged filter (static adsorption)
•    Sterilized and vacuum packed to ensure that the mask has not been tampered with

•    Colour:  Silver Grey
•    Material:  77% Cotton, 8% Wool, 15% Silver
•    Filter lifetime:  98% filtration efficiency after 20 washes