Strapsafe™ 100 TSA Accepted Luggage Strap

Strapsafe™ 100 TSA Accepted Luggage Strap

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The Strapsafe™ TSA accepted luggage strap contains Baggage Constrictor™ Technology to ensure sticky fingers can't loosen your bag once you've locked it. TSA agents can also safely check your luggage and relock it without damaging it. The handy display window, will let you know if they have or not.

Lockable strap. 3 dial combination lock. Baggage Constrictor technology means strap cannot be loosened while locked. Indicator light to tell you when opened by TSA or HRSC agent. Adjustable. Eye-catching colours to help identify Luggage. Width: 5cm. Max length: 190cm.

MSRP: $30