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Winnipeg North of Fargo Riding Mountain National Park Pillow


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Taken from Parks Canada... “
Rising up at the curve of the road, its truss bridge spanning the twin turret-like cupolas, the East Gate registration Complex stands proud as the last remaining early 1930s-style National Park gate. A shining example of the traditional Canadian Rustic Design style of architecture, its logs and stone walls were built by local craftsmen with local materials. Nowadays it still remains as eastern gateway to Riding Mountain National Park.” 

The photo fabric is made from eco canvas fabric (content approximately 40 percent recycled plastics) and is durable, washable (cold water inside out), crease and dirt resistant. The back fabric is brown polyester upholstery weight fabric for crease and dirt resistance.

Shades may slightly differ from what is shown in this photo. 

These are silk screened pillows. The fabric is plush upholstery fabric which is crease and stain resistant. It is also washable by turning it inside out and using cold wash and tumble dry low cycles. It also spot washes great as well.

It measures approximately 23”x15”.