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Wysi Wipes Resealable 100 pack


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Wysi® is super soft for the most delicate skin and contains no alcohol; has no added chemicals; and is 100% scent-free making it compostable & biodegradable.  Pure, simple and suitable for all skin types, all ages, and an endless list of uses. These compact wipes expand from a puck comparable in size to a stack of five nickels to a 9" square wipe. All you need is a splash of water.  Different liquid - different use.  Like traditional wipes they are single use, yet Wysi is durable to rinse, reuse, repeat-repeat-repeat, compost.  Made of 100% cellulose without any added ingredients.  Resealable, waterproof bags have a ziplock top to keep Wysi wipes clean and dry until you need a fresh cloth.

Perfect for the cottage, camper, boat, RV, around the home, in the garden, shop, garage, or workplace.

9" (22cm) square wipe

100 count