Icetrax Mini Portable Ice Cleats

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  • NON-SLIP ICE CLEATS – Help prevent slips and falls this winter with the ultra portable and compact ICETRAX MINI ice cleats for shoes and boots. These adjustable one-size-fits-most mini ice grippers feature 6 carbon steel spikes strategically positioned to provide maximum grip on ice and shard packed snow. Don’t risk being caught unprepared for slippery winter conditions – think safety first and avoid slips and falls this winter with the ultra compact and portable mini traction cleats which can be conveniently stored and brought everywhere.
  • ADJUSTABLE ONE-SIZE – Super easy to put on and take off, the ICETRAX MINI ice cleats feature adjustable Velcro toe straps to allow for an easy fit and secure fit on most types of footwear. For added security and improved fitting, there is a built-in elastic heel strap loop which stretches around the heel of your shoe or boot. The adjustable fitting mini traction ice cleats come in One-Size-Fits-Most size, designed to fit most types of shoes and boots.
  • PORTABLE ANTI-SLIP SOLUTION – These mini ice crampons are the perfect portable anti-slip solution for slippery winter weather! The best way to avoid winter slips and falls is to use caution and to be prepared when conditions get slippery. The lightweight ICETRAX MINI ice grips are compact and portable enough to bring with you everywhere – keep them in your car, you jacket pocket or bag – never be without anti slip protection this winter! The mini ice cleats include a nylon carry bag for convenient and clean storage.
  • CARRY BAG – Mini ice grippers include a nylon carry bag for convenient and clean storage when not in use. After using the ice cleats, always wipe them down and store in a dry place.
  • DURABLE – ICETRAX products are designed and tested in Canada. So we know what it takes for a product to endure the harsh winter environment, which is why our mini ice crampons are made with a special rubber compound which stays strong in frigid cold temperatures, as well as reinforced seams/joints. 

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