Crown Cap Classic Railroad Cap

Brand: Crown Cap SKU: 1019311

Size: 7
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A Crown Cap classic style!

Solid color with external earband, front lace-up, 3/4 inner earband and quilt lining.

Care Instructions

Our hats are hand cut and crafted with the skill and care of old world craftsmen. To ensure longevity of your investment:

  • When wet, shake out the water and place your hat in an “airy” place to dry
    • Store in a dark and airy space when not being worn
    • Never store your hat in a plastic bag
    • Never leave your hat near a heat outlet
    • Never leave your hat in a bright place, such as window. Prolonged exposure can cause shedding and discoloration
    • Never place fragrances directly on your hat
    • Never machine wash or machine dry your hat
    • Your hat must be cleaned or repaired only by a recognized specialist

Fur, Shearling and Leather hats must be cleaned by a recognized

Textile hats must be dry clean only.

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