Charlotte's Birdseed: Small Squirrel Birdseed Feeder

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A cute little squirrel-shaped, solid birdseed feeder to give your birds a treat! Each birdseed feeder comes individually wrapped in tissue paper in it's own gift box.

Each birdfeeder is handmade and homemade using natural ingredients. The feeders are solid and include top quality Canadian birdseed, dried fruit, and chopped nuts to create a rich and nutritious birdseed blend for wild songbirds. 

100% Consumable Birdfeeders:

1. Hang a Charlotte's Birdseed feeder off of a branch or a hook. If squirrels are a problem, hang the feeder close to your home and on a longer string. Great to hang in front of a bay window so that it prevents the squirrels from eating the feeders, prevents birds from flying into the window, and gives a great show!

2. Wait for the wild songbirds to find and land on the feeder. If you don't already feed the birds this can take up to 3 weeks! Once they find it they will flutter around the feeders and land on them  and eat the seeds, dried fruits and nuts that go into every feeder shape. 

3. Eventually all of this pecking will cause the feeder to fall to the ground. Because the feeders are natural and more like a dense cookie, it is hard to predict how long they will stay hanging for. Once the feeder falls to the ground it is not done feeding the birds! Many wild bird species only feed on the ground, so now they will have their chance at treat!

4. Once all of the seeds, nuts and dried fruits have been enjoyed by the critters in your yard, the natural yarn, twine or cotton strings used to hang the feeder up will remain on the ground or still hanging. Please leave this where it is! The string is valuable nesting material for wild birds, squirrels, rabbits and any other creature that needs a cozy spot to shelter in. Every part of the feeder helps support the wildlife that calls your yard home (and it's also nice to not have to refill or clean anything up too!)


Charlotte's Birdseed

Charlotte’s Birdseed started just after Laura and Cam Meuckon’s wedding in 2010. Laura made all-natural birdseed ornaments for their wedding favours, and fell in love with the idea of creating something good for nature, that looked lovely too. More than ten years later and Charlotte’s Birdseed is still at it and adding more to the little business bit by bit. The solid birdfeeders are like hard granola bar treats for birds. The entire feeder is consumable, even the natural twines and yarns used to hang them up can be left outside once the seed is eaten - it will be used for nesting material in spring!

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