Charlotte's Birdseed: Wild Bird Anti-Collision Window Sticker Set - Moon Phases

🍁 Made in Manitoba
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This set includes 7 vinyl stickers. These one-time-use stickers break up reflections on your window and this helps prevent wild birds from dangerous and sometimes fatal window strikes, and they look cool too! 

Peel and stick onto exterior window once frost is gone, between spring and fall. 

Each sticker is approx. 3 inches in diameter

Made in Winnipeg, MB. 


Charlotte's Birdseed

Charlotte’s Birdseed started just after Laura and Cam Meuckon’s wedding in 2010. Laura made all-natural birdseed ornaments for their wedding favours, and fell in love with the idea of creating something good for nature, that looked lovely too. More than ten years later and Charlotte’s Birdseed is still at it and adding more to the little business bit by bit. The solid birdfeeders are like hard granola bar treats for birds. The entire feeder is consumable, even the natural twines and yarns used to hang them up can be left outside once the seed is eaten - it will be used for nesting material in spring!

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