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Beekman 1802 Bar Soap


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Pure Goat Milk: Creamy goat milk and botanicals deeply nourish and moisturize skin, giving you long lasting freshness. Completely fragrance free, and perfect for sensitive skin.

Honey & Orange Blossom: A super-hydrating foamy soap infused with the citrusy goodness of sparkling white nectarine, and enriched with shea butter for all day moisture.

Honeyed Grapefruit: Goat milk, grapefruit, and exfoliating guava leaf combine to create a soap that's soft in texture and brightly scented, giving your skin a natural glow. 

Honey & Oat Scrub Bar: helps scrub away dry skin with natural honey & oat bran. Made with natural ingredients- goat milk (an anti-inflammatory), enriched with shea butter, verbana, oat bran, oat kernel. Sulfate, paraben, petroleum, and phosphate free.

Lavender: Scented with fresh, herbaceous notes of lavender oil, bright notes of bergamot, and finished with a base of tonka bean.

Full-sized bar soaps are 9 oz.