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Camp Irons are built by hand from quality cast iron to last a lifetime. They are the perfect accessory for camping, fishing, hunting, backyard bonfires, parties or everyday use. Create pizza pops, wraps, eggs, pies, grilled meat and veggies, burgers, fish and much more. You can cook complete meals, including desserts, with no dishes to wash.

To use, simply heat iron, butter or coat the inside of the cast iron with cooking spray, place food in Camp Iron and cook until done. For use with campfires, barbeques, gas stoves and fireplaces. 

The round shape of the Camp Iron was designed to pinch and seal the bread together, keeping the filling neatly inside.

About Camp Iron Industries:

Camp Irons are made in Morris, Manitoba by Brenda Kornelsen. Brenda's father first started Camp Iron Industries in 1976. 100% of the materials and parts are proudly sourced from other Manitoba small businesses. 

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