Craftedvan Magnetic Bookmarks - 51 Styles

🍁 Made in Canada
Brand: Craftedvan SKU: 1021170

Style: Duck Toller
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These bookmarks are designed to enhance reading and bring back the love for paper books. Craftedvan Magnetic Bookmarks feature characters that cheer you up and always stay where you've last left them.

Material: Durable photo stock paper + Magnetic squares

Dimensions: Approximately 5-6cm (2-2.4 inches) when folded. Varies slightly depending on design.


Once upon a time in a land far away called Vancouver, two girls were sitting around with lots of creative ideas but no ways to share them! By doing what they loved, Diana and Erica joined forces to send smiles around the world!

After many scraps of paper, pages of doodles, and endless nights of cutting, they came up with their newest adventure, craftedvan! 

Outside of craftedvan, Diana is a designer and Erica is a registered nurse, resulting in a perfect mix of love, creativity and care in all of their creations.

Our bookmarks are made locally, often while snacking on our delicious goodies and watching our favourite tv shows.

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