Dock & Bay Makeup Headband

Brand: Dock & Bay SKU: 1022165

Color: Nautical Navy
Member: $19.99 Non-member: $21.99
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Don’t let stray hairs ruin your routine. Slip on a handy headband and keep your locks free from your face, then you’re ready to pull off some makeup magic. Hair back, glow UP.

What makes this headband so good?

  • Elasticated - Comfortably fits on your head
  • Super soft - Waffle fabric that’s gentle on skin
  • Quick drying - dries 2x faster than cotton
  • Planet-kind - Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Lightweight & compact - Ideal for on the go makeup routines
  • Absorbent - They really do dry you
  • Machine washable
  • We’re a Certified B Corp!

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