ecoTraction Ice Gripper

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Brand: Earth Innovations Inc. SKU: 1009934

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Green & Safe alternative to Corrosive Ice Melters

Prevent Slips and Falls:

- Provides high-traction on ice & snow rather than melting

- Turns darker when applied for a visual safety zone

- unlike ice melters, works down to -50C

- perfect for vehicle traction and walkways

100% Natural: Safe for everyone and everything:

- Safe for concrete, stone, brick, wood & metal

- Safe for dogs, cats and children

- Safe for vegetation, lawns & gardens

- Safest product available for eco-sensitive areas

Save Money, A little goes a long way:

- one 3.5kg jug covers over 15 parking spaces

- that's over 2,200 square feet, 9x more than salt

- it can be swept-up in the spring for reuse next winter

- or sweep this mineral onto the lawn to improve soil

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