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This notecard is printed on high quality cardstock.  The inside of the card is left blank to personalize it for any card giving occasion.  5”x7”.  Includes envelope.

Cows - Cows in pastures along almost any Manitoba road is a classic scene. They're often so interested in the photographer that it makes for great photos.

Dandelion - The details in this dandelion photo, taken in rural Manitoba, shows each individual little seed waiting to parachute off to plant itself somewhere else.

Dahlia - The soft lighting beautifully shows off each delicate curved petal of this dahlia. This was taken at the Assiniboine Park English Garden.

Daisy - The swirling pattern of the tiny yellow dots in the middle of the flower is amazing. This photo was taken just outside of Riding Mountain National Park (Treaty 2 Territory).

Ladybug - Considered one of the few cute bugs, the ladybug is also helpful to gardeners, eating many plant pests. This one perched on a pine cone made a perfect shot in a Manitoba flower garden.

Geese - an iconic bird on our Manitoba landscape. This photo was taken at one of the many preserved wetlands along Highway 16.

Polar Bear Lying Down - Polar bear photo taken along the shore of the Hudson Bay just outside of Churchill, Manitoba.  

Old Farmhouse – Old farmhouse photo captured on a frosty winter day in rural Manitoba.

Rail Car – CN Rail Car photo taken alongside a grain elevator in Inglis, MB.  This is now designated as an historical site with 4 old grain elevators preserved.

Blue Jay – Vibrant Blue Jay at the feeder photo taken in rural Manitoba.

Northern Lights – Sasagiu - Beautiful dancing Northern Lights captured at Sasagiu Rapids in Northern Manitoba.

Polar Bear Standing - Polar bear photo taken along the shore of the Hudson Bay just outside of Churchill, Manitoba.  

Prairie Crocus - Manitoba's provincial flower. This photo was taken just outside of Winnipeg.


About the Photographer

Growing up in rural Manitoba, living in Northern Manitoba for many years and now living in Winnipeg, Angel Anderson has a love of all areas of this great province.  As a professional landscape photographer, she loves to showcase her travel photography, however she has chosen to focus on Manitoba. Her beautiful portfolio includes dancing northern lights, polar bears along the shores of the Hudson Bay, macro photos of local flowers and foliage, portraits of farm life featuring mostly cows, and rustic landscapes of rural Manitoba. 

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