Gourmet Inspirations - Salted Caramel Whisky Dessert Sauce

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Gourmet Inspirations’ Salted Caramel Whisky Dessert Sauce Perfect For All Kinds Of Foods - Gourmet Inspirations Best Seller!

Almost everyone is a caramel lover but if you are one of the rare people who aren’t, get ready to change your mind!

Normally, when you think of caramel, words like sugary and sticky come to mind. Sometimes caramel sauce is so sweet, it is cloying. Well, that is kids’ caramel. Let us introduce you to caramel for adults!

Gourmet Inspirations’ Salted Caramel Whisky Dessert Sauce is caramel like no other. Trade in sticky for smooth and silky; replace sugary with indulgent and decadent.

With hints of toasted cream, a light touch of sea salt and the smooth finish of Canadian whisky, this sauce brings caramel to a whole new level.

While we start making our caramel like all good caramels, with high quality butter and cream cooked with brown sugar, we take our sauce further and add more depth of flavor with the addition of sea salt and a delightful surprise of fine Canadian whisky. Whisky, strong on its own, adds a delicate flavor in this application. 

We spell out the ingredients for you in the name of the sauce, but if we hadn’t, you would likely linger, tasting again and again, trying to determine what the “extra something” in our sauce is!  It truly sets this caramel sauce apart from all the others.

And talk about versatility! Gourmet Inspirations’ Canadian Made Salted Caramel Whisky Dessert Sauce is perfect for all kinds of foods.  

Serve it at breakfast or brunch alongside pancakes or waffles (might we suggest waffle sticks to dunk into the sauce?). Make your beverage a little “extra” by adding some sauce to your coffee or hot chocolate. 

Love apples or bananas dipped in caramel? Then dunk them or other fresh fruit into this sauce. Of course, you can elevate so many desserts by finishing them with this Salted Caramel Whisky sauce: ice cream, fruit crisps, pies, cakes, and cheesecakes…. Need we go on? 

We have even had customers exclaim that they’d happily do away with any other dessert and drink it on it’s own!  Pass the straws, please!

It is clear why Gourmet Inspirations’ Salted Caramel Whisky Dessert Sauce is our best seller! 

Misc Uses: Hints of toasted cream, a light touch of salt, with the smooth finish of Canadian whisky. Drizzle on waffles, ice cream, fresh fruit, fruit crisps and pies, chocolate cake, brownies, and lattes.

Ingredients: Water, brown sugar, cream (milk), Canadian whiskey, butter, xanthan gum, lactic acid, sea salt, vanilla flavour.

Bottle Size: 255ml

Gourmet Inspirations

Peter Fehr is a culinary innovator, entrepreneur, and the creator of  Gourmet Inspirations.

Peter's culinary roots found their grounding  on his family farm in southern. Manitoba where days were spent immersed in the garden, handling fresh, hearty ingredients, and naturally in the kitchen cooking for family and friends. Each sauce has been carefully tested and crafted by Peter Fehr using wholesome Canadian ingredients - always local where possible - and free of preservatives. 

We're here to help home cooks who are bored of the same old, discover new spices and sauces to create tantalizing meals and feel like chefs in their own kitchens!

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