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Style: Mona Lisa Mask
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This face mask is not intended for use by a health care professional or for a medical purpose. Nor is it recommended for use in a health care facility or environment.  This product is not intended to prevent disease transmission and has not been reviewed, cleared, or approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration or any other governmental agency. This product does not contain any drugs, biologics, or anti-microbial/anti-viral agents.

Instruction Manual for Face Masks

  1. Wash Face Mask at 60 degrees before first use.
  2. Before putting on the Face Mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap or clean them with a suitable disinfectant.
  3. Do not touch the inside of the Face Mask with your hands when putting it on.
  4. Face Mask must be placed correctly over the mouth, nose and cheeks and must fit as tightly as possible around the edges to minimize air ingress at the sides.
  5. Do not touch the Face Mask with your hands when wearing it.
  6. If the Face Mask is damp or contaminated, remove Face Mask immediately and do not use it again until after washing.
  7. Before removing the Face Mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap or clean them with a suitable disinfectant.
  8. When taking the Face Mask off, do not touch the outside of it, only the loops.
  9. After removing the Face Mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap or with a suitable disinfectant.
  10. Face Mask should be kept in an airtight bag or similar after removal or be washed immediately. It should be stored for as short a time as possible to avoid mould growth.
  11. Face Mask should be washed at 60 degrees after a single use (max. 6 to 8 hours) and then dried completely. Protect the inside of the mask from contamination until the next time it is worn (e.g. by storing it in an airtight sealed container in a folded state).

Note: Face Masks are for private use only and are not intended for use in the health care/nursing sector, for occupational safety or to protect against infections or other harmful substances. They are neither medical devices nor personal protective equipment (PPE).    Therefore, even with Face Mask, the currently valid safety regulations, e.g. maintaining a safety distance of at least 1.5 m and regular hand washing, must still be observed.

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