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Secure virtually any phone with just a Squeeze with this Universal Vent Mount, featuring an adjustable ball and socket design with an ultra-strong clamp and Tension Vent Mount for a reliable, portable hold.

Dock your phone for the drive ahead with the universal, portable, and adjustable Squeeze Vent Mount. Easy to set up and secure, this ball-and-socket mount is designed to hold virtually any phone with a case and accessories, keeping your apps and maps in clear view with just a squeeze. The Squeeze Clamp features grippy arms and inner continuous force springs that amplify the hold of your phone, keeping it in place through off-roading adventures, tight turns, road trips, and beyond. Plus, the easy-to-squeeze levers at its base allow for effortless securing and releasing—no extra grip strength needed.

The included Tension Vent Mount tightens onto your vent with a few turns, securing onto a vent blade for a strong hold. The top of the Tension Vent Mount is a rounded ball joint, designed to connect to the socket back of the Squeeze Clamp in a snap. The included attachment collar links the Tension Vent Mount and Squeeze Clamp together, allowing you to adjust the Squeeze Clamp to your perfect viewing angle and tighten it in place. The portable, adhesive-free nature of this Universal Vent Mount makes it the perfect travel buddy in a rental car, as well as a shared family favorite that can easily be moved from car to car.


  • Fits most phones with a case and accessories 2.3"- 3.6" wide | 60mm - 93mm
  • Squeeze Clamp features easy-to-squeeze levers with grippy arms for a secure hold
  • Adjustable ball and socket design rotates to your perfect viewing angle
  • Attachment collar allows you to adjust Clamp and lock in place at desired viewing angle
  • Tension Vent Mount tightens onto a vent blade for a secure hold
  • Tension Vent Mount compatible with most vent blades
  • Attachment collar allows you to adjust Clamp and lock in place at desired viewing angle
  • Inner continuous force springs within Clamp amplify hold while reducing effort needed to secure phone
  • Includes: Squeeze Clamp, Tension Vent Mount, and Attachment Collar

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