Nordixx Global Traveler - Walking Poles

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Ideal poles for Travelers.

  • Fits in a normal suitcase/sports bag. (70cm/27.56” – 140cm/55.12” )
  • No problems with Check-In or Security when traveling by airplane.
  • Shaft: Alu 6061/7075
  • Grip:  EVA sweat absorbing coating
  • Hand Loops:  New detachable Nordixx Cool-Max Comfort hand loops.
  • Easy click – “Free Hand” – System
  • Pole Tips:  Off Road  = Carbide steel tip
  • On Road  = Marathon Rubber tips, removable
  • Custom design by Nordixx Pole Walking Canada Inc
  • Pole Bag for easy store and transport complementary
  • Manufactured under German Quality & Safety Agency (TUV)

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