Travelon 4-in-1 Emergency Car Tool

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Be well-prepared for nearly any automotive emergency with the Travelon 4-in-1 Emergency Car Tool. This sturdy and lightweight plastic multi-use tool cuts through seat belts and heavy clothing, and it boasts a spike that breaks through windows or windshields; a flashing red beacon that alerts others to your location; a heavy-duty magnet that attaches easily to the body or your car; and a high-powered flashlight. The Travelon 4-in-1 Emergency Car Tool is a must-have for anyone who drives frequently or who often finds him or herself in remote locations.

Travelon has been making "Travel Easier" for nearly 30 years with fashionable, functional products that are designed and built to last.


• A must-have 4-in-1 multi-function emergency lifesaving tool can make a huge difference between life and death

• Cuts through seat belts and heavy clothing

• Window steal spike breaks through windshield and window

• Flashing red beacon alerts others of your location

• Heavy duty magnet attaches tool to body of car for road side break downs


Size: 7.5" x 1"
Material: Plastic
Weight (lbs): 0.29

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