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Winnipeg North of Fargo 1908 Winnipeg Map Pillow


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1908 Winnipeg. Imagine that? How much it’s grown. Streets and neighbourhoods have changed so much. 

Some highlights of this map includes:
- dark lines were the electric streetcar lines (many still buried underneath the streets)
- Happyland Amusement park, a privately owned amusement park from 1906-1914 which featured a figure 8 rollercoaster designed by John Lipton (last name sound familiar?)
- the map itself was turned to fit onto a landscape layout

Did your street exist then? The street index has been silk screened onto the back of the pillow. 

Makes a great gift for those who still live here in Winnipeg or for those who moved away, or for visitors as well.

It is hand silk screened onto super soft and durable grey upholstery fabric from Mitchell Fabrics. It’s dirt and crease resistant and can be washed inside out in cold water or spot washed. The form comes with the pillow and is removable.

It measures approximately 23”x15”.