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Style: 1908 Winnipeg Map
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Downtown Winnipeg at Christmas

Imagine 1973, downtown Winnipeg. Swirly Christmas lights strung across Portage Avenue. Even though it’s cold outside, the warm decorative lights makes you feel cozy and excited.

This is a vintage photo from 1973. Photo credit to Winnipeg photographer Frank Chalmers for the defunct Winnipeg Tribune (published Nov 17, 1973).

1908 Winnipeg Map

1908 Winnipeg. Imagine that? How much it’s grown. Streets and neighbourhoods have changed so much.

Some highlights of this map includes:
- dark lines were the electric streetcar lines (many still buried underneath the streets)
- Happyland Amusement park, a privately owned amusement park from 1906-1914 which featured a figure 8 rollercoaster designed by John Lipton (last name sound familiar?)
- the map itself was turned to fit onto a landscape layout

Gimli Viking

This 15 foot tall iconic statue of the Gimli Viking was unveiled in 1967. It stands close to the Betel Home (Personal Care Home) along the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Just about anyone who has visited, lives, or lived in Gimli has at least one photo of him or herself standing beside the Viking.

Riding Mountain National Park (East Gate Entrance)

Riding Mountain National Park (East Gate entrance) tea towel.  Taken from Parks Canada... “
Rising up at the curve of the road, its truss bridge spanning the twin turret-like cupolas, the East Gate registration Complex stands proud as the last remaining early 1930s-style National Park gate. A shining example of the traditional Canadian Rustic Design style of architecture, its logs and stone walls were built by local craftsmen with local materials. Nowadays it still remains as eastern gateway to Riding Mountain National Park.”

This gate is still functional and has a grand entrance feel to it every time we go through this entrance.


Transcona is rich in history and this tea towel celebrates everything about Transcona that we know today, especially the people.

Vintage photo of six men standing in front of the Transcona sign. We have very good sources at in this photo includes Paul Martin (“The Greatest Transconian”) and Bernie Wolfe.

Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets 1970’s Pre-Helmet Wall Art. This is a reprint/adjusted vintage photo from “The Barn” (The Old Arena) days. 

Handmade in Winnipeg

Lint free, and very absorbent

Wash in cold water

These tea towels are made from 100 percent cotton and water based inks.

Materials: textile ink, fabric, cotton

Approximately 17x38 inches

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